The European Society of Radiology organises the European Congress of Radiology ECR 2022.

  • The ECR is an international meeting and one of the leading events in radiology.
  • The ECR is one of the largest medical meetings in Europe and the second-largest radiological meeting in the world.
  • ECR attendees span all areas of the radiology arena including: radiology professionals, radiographers, physicists, industry representatives, and press reporters for both the medical and consumer press.

ECR 2022 is focused on multidisciplinarity and building bridges between radiologists and clinicians. The value of imaging and image interpretation lies beyond diagnostics. It impacts treatment decisions and outcomes and plays a vital role in the healthcare continuum. The ECR 2022 programme aims to reflect multidisciplinarity by introducing shorter lectures and longer case-based discussions, and through welcoming a wider variety of clinicians to share their insights. You can find the programme here:

ECR 2022 – July – ESR Connect (