The GAMMA-MRI project has achieved an important milestone with the first prototype of the magnet. In spite of the delays caused by the disruption of the supply chain due to COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, the first protype of the magnet has been constructed successfully and is currently undergoing thorough testing. As a result of the tests, we will evaluate the shim/gradient performance and decide on the final efficiency of these home-made coils.

We would like to remind that the magnet, the coils together with the MRI console, the gamma acquisition server and the imaging software, are key components of the GAMMA-MRI human brain scanner under development.

GAMMA-MRI scanning technologies are expected to offer a cheaper, more accurate and safer solution able to cope with a wide variety of brain pathologies.

Experimental 1H NMR signal from a phantom under periodic refocusing using a train of pulses. This leads to multiple echo formation, which is one of the basic building blocks in standard Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The multiple-echo free induction decay validates and tests many experimental points necessary for the next steps of the project.