As part of the dissemination efforts, the GAMMA-MRI Consortium has published a number of articles and peer-reviewed papers. In this page you can find the most relevant publications from the Consortium:

  • Production of 129 Xe and 131 Xe via neutron activation of 128 Xe and 130 Xe at ILL-RHF and NCBJ-MARIA high-flux reactors”, by M. Chojnacki , K. Kulesz, I. Michelonb, N. Azaryand, B. Crepieuxa, A. Korgule, R. Lica, L. Murawskig, M.Piersa-Siłkowskaa, R. B. Joliveth, R. Prokopowiczg, U. and Koster , M. Kowalska. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Volume 205 2024, Elsevier.

Production of 129mXe and 131mXe via neutron activation of 128Xe and 130Xe at ILL-RHF and NCBJ-MARIA high-flux reactors – ScienceDirect

  • “A numerical study of the anisotropic distribution of γ-ray emission from oriented 129m,131m,133mXe”, by Karolina Kulesz, Robin Yoel Engel, Renaud Blaise Jolivet, and Magdalena Kowalska. Published at Measurement Science and Technology 2023,

A numerical study of the anisotropic distribution of γ-ray emission from oriented 129m,131m,133mXe – IOPscience

  • “On the role of theory and modelling in neuroscience”, published by Renaud B. Jolivet and others, in the Journal of Neuro Science.

On the Role of Theory and Modeling in Neuroscience | Journal of Neuroscience (

  • “GammaMRI: towards high-resolution single photon imaging using highly-polarized gamma-emitting nuclei ”, published by  M. Kowalska et al., at the ISOLDE Workshop and Users meeting 2019.

contribution.pdf (

  • “GAMMA-MRI: Towards a Novel Clinical Imaging Modality Using Long-lived Aligned Gamma Emitters”. Master thesis by Karolina KULESZ. Université De Maastricht, Université De Geneve.

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  • “Collection of 129m,131m,133mXe for the gamma-MRI project: IS691”. Magdalena Kowalska and Mateusz Chojnacki. CERN. Addendum to the ISOLDE and Neutron Time-of-Flight Committee.

INTC-P-598-ADD-1.pdf (

  • “A Thermal Sublimation Generator of 131mXe”, by Karolina Kulesz, Nikolay Azaryan, Mikołaj Baranowski, Mateusz Jerzy Chojnacki , Ulli Köster, Razvan Lica, Sorin Gabriel Pascu, Renaud Blaise Jolivet and Magdalena Kowalska. Instruments 2022 6 (4), November 2022.

Instruments | Free Full-Text | A Thermal Sublimation Generator of 131mXe (