Work in the Laboratory

ISOLDE Beamline

ISOLDE beamline is used for collecting different radioactive samples. In Gamma MRI, it is used to collect xenon isomers in a thin foil, which is then heated to release the gas and enclose it in a small vial used for transport.

Mechanical Components and Adapters

In addition to the main system elements, building a complex prototype, like GAMMA-MRI is, requires a lot of small components and adaptors that most of the time are fungible and need to be replaced with minor modifications after some testing.

Rather than waiting weeks or months to receive those components from an external workshop and bear the high cost, we have decided to produce the needed components ourselves using printing machines. This approach is ideal since it offers much lower cost, faster construction times and, most importantly, has allowed us the flexibility to do modifications on the fly and keep pace with the research work. No more delays, no more limitations to correct errors and make minor modifications. Printing machines have been used mainly to build some components of the magnet, the placeholders of the detectors, the oven, etc.